Ballet lessons are all about learning the formalized form of dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance courts and was further developed in France and Russia as a concert dance form. Here are the core aspects of what ballet lessons typically involve:

Basic Ballet Positions: There are five basic positions in ballet, and beginners will learn these first.

Ballet Steps and Vocabulary: Ballet has a specific vocabulary based on French terminology. Students will learn the names and movements of various steps, jumps, and turns.

Technique: Ballet requires a strong technical foundation. Students will work on things like alignment, turnout (the outward rotation of the legs from the hip), pointe work (dancing on the tips of the toes), and the precise movements of the arms (port de bras).

Barre Work: Ballet classes usually begin with exercises at the barre, a horizontal bar used for support. These exercises help to warm up the body, improve strength, and refine technique.

The ultimate aim of ballet lessons is to teach students the physical and artistic skills necessary to perform ballet, while also promoting physical fitness, musicality, expression, discipline, and a love of dance.

Benefits & Goals

  • Boosts Physical Fitness
  • Enhances Coordination
  • Improves Posture
  • Teaches Discipline
  • Promotes Musicality
  • Fosters Artistic Expression
  • Improves Memory
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