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Fun Facts about Oahu

oahu beach in one of the beginners best surf spot in hawaii

Surf Culture in HawaiiHow did surfing originate? It used to be a sport for kings!

Surfing (“hee nalu” in Hawaiian) was born in Hawaii and it is deeply settled within the culture and history. It is believed that it originated in ancient Polynesia and later thrived in Hawaii. Also it was considered a sport only reserved for the kings (“alii” which means Hawaiian royalty).

Surfing in OahuBest spots to surf and take lessons

The Hawaiian islands are known for being the mecca. Oahu is the heart of surfing in Hawaii. The North Shore side of the island is the perfect place to catch a perfect wave for advanced, intermediate, and beginner surfers. There are friendly beginner spots even on big wave swell periods.

Honolulu, known as the South Shore of Oahu is also a great spot to learn due to it’s mellow waves. If you are looking to learn how to surf, booking a surf lesson is the way to go to be safe!

group of people surfing in oahu hawaii
a group of people learning to surf in waikiki oahu

Did you ever wonder why Hawaii is so iconic besides it’s perfect weather?Surfers dedicate their lives to seek these waves

The North shore is where the most impressive big wave and barrel surfing competitions take place. Pipeline is one of the most dangerous and on demand rides on the planet. Its huge barrels break over underwater caves with sharp reefs. Waimea is one of the few spots in the world that can hold 50ft+ waves that surfer can ride

Why do we choose these locations?

Because they are the best surfing spots for teaching lessons around Oahu!


Waikiki Beach

Located in Honolulu, it’s the best surfing spot for beginners on Oahu’s South shore and also known for being the best place in the world to take surf lessons for its friendly learning conditions and gorgeous views

TWO things to keep in mind about this beach are:

The vibes are great, and seasoned veterans are usually happy to give beginners a handThere are different paid parking areas near the meeting point. You can find free parking on Ala Wai Boulevard (except Mon & Fri from 8:30–11:30AM).


Haleiwa Beach

It’s the best surfing spot for beginners in the North Shore.

TWO things to keep in mind about this beach are:

There's space to spread out.There are free parking spaces near the beach and also paid lots

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