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Online Booking

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Vetted Coaches

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For every surf lesson booked we donate to Ocean Conservation NGO's

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HOKALI Surf Lessons
HOKALI Surf Lessons

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HOKALI surf lessons in San Francisco
HOKALI surf lessons in San Francisco


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HOKALI surf lessons in San Francisco

Environmental Impact


HOKALI has partnered with Sea-Trees

For every lesson booked we help to restore kelp forests in California

HOKALI Surf Lessons

2486 sq ft

Kelp sea-trees Restored

Beach Clean-ups

HOKALI seeks to empower surfers who want to protect and preserve our coasts and oceans

HOKALI Surf Lessons



HOKALI Surf Lessons


Pounds of Trash

HOKALI Surf Lessons



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HOKALI offers kids surf lessons and adults surf lessons from beginner to experienced surfers in multiple locations.

If you are a beginner, our coaches train you on how to surf starting with the fundamentals. You also learn how to stay safe and how to read and understand the ocean.

For intermediate to advanced surfers, coaches focus on helping you to improve your technique and how to interpret currents and waves.

HOKALI plans to expand globally seeking to bring the best surfing experiences to both surfers and coaches!

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Fun Facts about San Francisco

surf beach for beginners in pacifica san francisco

Surf Culture in CaliforniaThings you should know! It's a caring culture

Surfers from California have a deep passion and love for the ocean. Organizations such as Sea-Trees work everyday to restore the kelp forest in California and other Non Profits have fought and continue to fight, to keep oceans pollution-free and open to everyone.

Surfing in California...goes way back

It’s said that the surf culture on the West Coast began in 1885 when three Hawaiian princes brought the sport to the Santa Cruz area. Since then surfing has been growing as a sport and every day more kids and adults are ready to learn to surf.

More recent surf culture history in the Golden State dates back to the fifties when local legend Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit in a bid to battle the chilly waters of the Pacific.

So if you are looking for surf lessons the cold waters won’t be a problem!

a group of beginners in a surf lesson in San francisco
learning to surf in in the golden gate bridge san francisco

Did you imagine surfing under California’s Golden Gate bridge?It’s an iconic surfing spot that works occasionally!

The closest surf spot in San Francisco, when Ocean Beach is maxing, this might be a good option.The break is best with winter swells and only at low tide, so it’s really good only sometimes a year.

It is not a wave for beginners, there’s a lot of water moving underneath the bridge, and the rocks and backwash make the wave unpredictable.

Only experienced surfers are paddling out and it’s not a safe place for surf lessons but definitely one of the coolest spots to surf in the world!

Why do we choose these Locations?

Because they are the best spots for teaching surf lessons in the Bay Area!


Linda Mar Beach (or Pacifica):

Located in a large cove, which creates excellent surfing conditions for beginners. This beach is practically split into three sections.

The north end is where the more experienced riders hang out, the middle is for intermediate surfers, and the south end has small waves that are perfect for kids and adults beginners.

TWO things to keep in mind about this beach are:

It can be clear here when it's foggy elsewhere. Surfing conditions can fluctuate but are typically good for all skill levels.


Princeton Jetty (Half Moon Bay)

Princeton Jetty isn't far from Mavericks, but don't let that scare you. The beach break here is perfect for a wide range of skill levels.

The north end of the beach is where the experienced surfers will be, and the easy waters at the south end are perfect for beginners who don't like crowds and are ready to learn to surf! The long beach ensures that you won't be hitting boards with other surfers.

TWO things to remember about this location are:

There's space to spread out.Waves are good for beginners, intermediate, and experienced surfers. Easy riptides as well!