Level One (0-5 Surf sessions)


Beginners surfboards and basic tips

How to pop-up: three simple techniques

Stay safe in the surf

The rules of surfing

Level two (5-15 Surf sessions)

Seven important tips!

Shortboard pop-up technique

Longboard turtle roll and getting through waves

Catch unbroken "Green" wave

Paddling technique

Choosing a baord

Level three (15+ Surf sessions)

Nine important tips!

Duck dive

Shortboard PRO popup technique

Skate exercise: surf skate

Skate exercise 2: surf skate  

Stay at home work-out

Mick Fanning's work-out

Koa Rothman's work-out

Kale Brock's work-out

Level Four (50+ Surf sessions)

Packing your surfboards for travel

How to surf faster



Top 15 tips for intermediate surfers

Forehand cutback technique

Fish vs Shortboard

Taylor Knox's cutback technique 



Six tips for airs, speed and turns

360 Technique

Corey Lopez's frontside air

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